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10,000ft Skydive with Deluxe
Video Package for $429
Gift Vouchers


2. We have a 100% SAFETY RATING.

3. WORLD CLASS Instructors and Equipment.

4. South Australia's NEWEST Aircraft.

5. Midweek city transfers by appointment.

6. Only 30 minutes from Adelaide in the heart of the McLaren Vale Wine region.

7. Supporting Beyond Blue

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Why Choose Us?

Best Jumps



Tandem skydiving from 9,000 feet = $329
(normally $410) Up to 30 seconds freefall


Tandem skydiving from 14,000 feet = $499
(normally $640) Up to 60 seconds freefall

Book directly with us and we will
match any booking agencies price

Video or photos of your tandem skydiving jump = $120

Video and photos of your tandem skydiving jump = $140

* Outside camera flyer by arrangement = $150


Deluxe package includes Leconfield platter for two and two glasses of wine = additional $50. Skydive the Southern Vines is dedicated to helping others through their business, and a percentage of each jump price is donated to Beyond Blue to help those with depression and anxiety.

To make a booking for your tandem skydiving experience
with Skydive the Southern Vines, contact the office on

0455 266 880

or email:


We have free midweek city transfers

Please call us on the day of your booking
to confirm the weather and
suitability of the jump.



Discounts available for:
Students, travellers, groups and mid-week jumps.

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10,000ft Skydive with Deluxe Video Package for $429
Gift Vouchers Available

Tandem skydiving makes an ideal gift
 for a friend or family member, allowing a loved
one to enjoy a unique experience, and create
memories which will last a lifetime.
Gift vouchers are valid for up to 12 months and can
be redeemed at any time, subject to availability.


To purchase a gift voucher for Skydive the
Southern Vines, contact the office on 0455 266 880


or email:

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

  • What should I wear for my tandem skydive?

    Dress for your jump according to the weather on the day, for example a t-shirt in warmer weather or a jumper in cooler weather. You must wear fully enclosed footwear for your jump, no thongs allowed.

  • Can I keep my contact lenses in when I jump?

    Yes, you will be wearing goggles during your tandem skydive so your lenses will not be affected.

  • Can I wear my own GoPro?

    No, according to the safety rulings of the Australian Parachute Federation you can’t wear your own video or photographic equipment, however you can purchase a copy of the footage taken by the instructor’s approved equipment.

  • Will my tandem skydiving be affected by the weather?

    All skydiving depends on the weather and Mother Nature is free to dictate her terms.  We can make arrangements for rescheduling your tandem skydiving booking if it is affected by weather conditions.

  • Will I be safe?

    The entire team at Skydive the Southern Vines is dedicated to a safe, high quality tandem skydiving experience. As such we all have current licensing and safety requirements up to date, our plane is maintained according to CASA and APF requirements and our Chief Instructor Mark Pincombe attends the APF Annual Conference to remain informed and in control of current regulations and industry developments.

  • When can I schedule my jump?

    You can choose to jump seven days a week. The time of your jump will be specified when you book. The Leconfield Wines  cellar door is also open seven days a week, including weekends and public holidays, for you to enjoy your deluxe package tasting plate and glass of wine upon landing.

  • Will my ears hurt during the jump?

    Some people do experience pressure in their ears when skydiving. While this is very uncommon, the pressure can be relieved by working your jaw or holding your nose and blowing. Your tandem instructor will be able to help you resolve any discomfort during your jump.

Skydive the Southern Vines will always endeavour to provide the smoothest, safest and most exciting tandem skydiving experience. As such, your booking is subject to the following conditions:

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