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Discounts available for: Students, travellers, groups and mid-week jumps.



October Special:
10000ft skydive with premium video and photo package is $399.




Tandem skydiving from 9,000 feet = $325 (normally $410) Up to 30 seconds freefall

Tandem skydiving from 14,000 feet = $495 (normally $640) Up to 60 seconds freefall


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Video or photos of your tandem skydiving jump = $120

Video and photos of your tandem skydiving jump = $140

* Outside camera flyer by arrangement = $150


Deluxe package includes Leconfield platter for two and two glasses of wine = additional $50. Skydive the Southern Vines is dedicated to helping others through their business, and a percentage of each jump price is donated to Beyond Blue to help those with depression and anxiety.


To make a booking for your tandem skydiving experience with
Skydive the Southern Vines, contact the office on 0455 266 880 or email


We have free midweek city transfers.

Please call us on the day of your booking to confirm the weather and suitability of the jump.


Tandem skydiving makes an ideal gift for a friend or family member, allowing a loved one to enjoy a unique experience, and create memories which will last a lifetime. Gift vouchers are valid for up to 12 months and can be redeemed at any time, subject to availability.

To purchase a gift voucher for Skydive the Southern Vines, contact the office on 0455 266 880 or email


About Us


Jump into the skydiving experience with Skydive the Southern Vines, and you’ll see South Australia in a whole new way.


Just over 30 minutes from Adelaide, Leconfield Wines in McLaren Vale is the starting point for you to Skydive the Southern Vines. This is where you’ll meet your world-class instructors, before travelling to Aldinga Airfield, where you’ll run through the training and safety procedures, and then gear up ready for your jump over the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula.


This is the only skydiving experience in Adelaide where you can take in views from Adelaide, right down to Kangaroo Island, the beaches of the Southern Fleurieu and the expansive vines of the McLaren Vale wine region.


Amongst the patchwork of vines, you’ll find your drop zone, the Leconfield Wines cellar door. As you freefall at around 220 kilometres per hour, the onboard high definition cameras will capture everything you’ll want to relive from the thrill of the jump.


Once the parachute opens you’ll have up to six minutes to take in the views as you glide over the coast and vines of the Fleurieu, and you can even take control of the parachute if you like, and steer towards the lush greens of Leconfield, where your friends and family will be waiting with a tasting plate and a glass of wine.

The Crew


Your Chief Instructor will be Mark Pincombe, who has more than 24 years experience with over 10,000 jumps, and can’t wait to share with you the rush of skydiving, and a unique perspective on our world-famous Fleurieu Peninsula.


Mark was 16 years old and still in high school when he made his first solo jump. Mark was under the instruction of his best friend’s father Graeme Ricketts, who was representing Australia at international meets and competitions, as one of Australia’s best skydivers at the time.


Mark then went on to become Australia’s youngest skydiving instructor in 1996, and has been sharing his knowledge and passion through tandem skydiving experiences ever since.


Mark has worked across Australia as a skydiving instructor and competitor, taking part in high profile displays at football matches such as SANFL finals, demonstrations over golf courses, and participating with Australian skydiving teams competing and coaching at a national level.


From travelling, competing and sharing his knowledge around Australia, Mark is now bringing tandem skydiving to Adelaide, applying the same high levels of professionalism and safety. The love and dedication Mark has for his sport and his profession are obvious in the care and attention he takes to make sure his team deliver you the best possible tandem skydiving experience.

The Plane


Our Cessna 206 is the newest plane of any skydiving operation in South Australia.


Flown by Senior Pilot Shannon Archbold who has over 600 flight hours to his name, the Cessna can take up to six passengers and is a comfortable and relaxing vantage point, from which to enjoy the world-class views from Aldinga Beach, along the Fleurieu coastline and over to the McLaren Vale wine region.


The aircraft is maintained to the highest quality standards, to meet all Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) and Australian Parachute Federation (APF) requirements.



The entire Skydive the Southern Vines operation are required to adhere to the
guidelines of:


  • The Australian Parachute Federation
  • The South Australian Sport Parachute Council
  • The Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Proudly supporting:


To Mark and the team,


We would just like to say thank you for the most amazing experience ever! From the office to the flight, the jump and back on land, you guys made it something which will always be remembered – you made us feel so comfortable and chilled out making the experience even more enjoyable. The video was awesome too!

All in all just had an F***ING unbelievable experience!


See you again Martika & Keaton


OMG! What an amazing experience.
The coastal views from Aldinga to the vineyards were awesome.
Thanks Mark & Dave.



Thank you very much for the amazing experience and the most beautiful view. Definitely will do that again and highly recommend others to do it too, especially with Skydive the Southern Vines.



What an experience! As an absolute beginner - I hadn't even been in a plane before - Mark made me, and my husband, feel confident and secure throughout the whole process. The whole team are excellent guys who make you feel relaxed and in safe hands.
The view from the plane was absolutely beautiful and the jump itself was insane! An excellent experience I would highly recommend.


Sharon Anne



Skydive the Southern Vines you can choose from a jump height of 9,000 feet or 14,000 feet. You will meet the Skydive the Southern Vines team at the Leconfield Wines cellar door in McLaren Vale, and then take a transfer to the airfield at Aldinga.


The entire tandem skydiving experience will take between 30 and 40 minutes, from take off in the Cessna 206, to landing your parachute on the lawns of Leconfield.


You’ll spend 20 minutes in the plane reaching your jump height, between 30 and 60 seconds in freefall, and around five minutes once the parachute opens.

The Drop Zone


The Leconfield Wines McLaren Vale cellar door is located at 439 Main Road,
McLaren Vale, and is Australia's only cellar door / winery skydive location.
(Port Lincoln  -Boston Bay is available via appointment.)

The grounds of the cellar door provide the expansive, lush greens you’ll
be aiming for as you  parachute down from your tandem skydive.

Located just outside the GPO of McLaren Vale, Leconfield Wines provides
you with the perfect view of the sweeping patchwork of vines across
the unique rolling hills and coastal vantage of the Southern Fleurieu wine region.

Family and friends can wait for your return at the Leconfield Wines cellar door,
where they will view your approach and landing on the lawns.


Leconfield can also provide a tasting platter and glass of wine for you to linger over at the cellar door, as you relive and recount your skydiving experience.

Tandem Skydiving


Whether you’re an experienced jumper or you’ve never been skydiving before, tandem skydiving means you don’t have to worry about a thing. Your highly experienced tandem  skydiving instructor will take care of the jump from takeoff to landing, and give you the confidence and peace of mind to truly relish the experience.


You require just 15 minutes of training before taking off from the Aldinga Airfield, and tandem skydiving is a great way to experience the thrill of the jump without having to remember too many instructions. Once the plane reaches the jump altitude you have chosen, you will be connected to your instructor, final safety checks will be completed, take a big breath, open the door, and…JUMP!


From a 9,000 foot jump you will have up to 30 seconds of freefall, from a 14,000 foot jump you will have up to 60 seconds. After freefall you will be able to communicate with your instructor, and you can fly the parachute yourself if you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for my
tandem skydive?

Dress for your jump according to the weather on the day, for example a t-shirt in warmer weather or a jumper in cooler weather. You must wear fully enclosed footwear for your jump,
no thongs allowed.


Can I keep my contact
lenses in when I jump?

Yes, you will be wearing goggles during your tandem skydive so your lenses will not be affected.

Will my ears hurt during the jump?

Some people do experience pressure in their ears when skydiving. While this is very uncommon, the pressure can be relieved by working your jaw or holding your nose and blowing. Your tandem instructor will be able to help you resolve any discomfort during your jump.


Can I wear my own GoPro?

No, according to the safety rulings of the Australian Parachute Federation you can’t wear your own video or photographic equipment, however you can purchase a copy of the footage taken by the instructor’s approved equipment.

Will my tandem skydiving be affected by the weather?

All skydiving depends on the weather and Mother Nature is free to dictate her terms.  We can make arrangements for rescheduling your tandem skydiving booking if it is affected by weather conditions.


Will I be safe?

The entire team at Skydive the Southern Vines is dedicated to a safe, high quality tandem skydiving experience. As such we all have current licensing and safety requirements up to date, our plane is maintained according to CASA and APF requirements and our Chief Instructor Mark Pincombe attends the APF Annual Conference to remain informed and in control of current regulations and industry developments.


When can I schedule my jump?

You can choose to jump seven days a week. The time of your jump will be specified when you book. The Leconfield Wines  cellar door is also open seven days a week, including weekends and public holidays, for you to enjoy your deluxe package tasting plate and glass of wine upon landing.

Terms and Conditions

Skydive the Southern Vines will always endeavour to provide the smoothest, safest and most exciting tandem skydiving experience. As such, your booking is subject to the following conditions:


  • While every effort is taken to meet and exceed safety expectations and requirements, skydiving is a dangerous sport and any tandem jumps are undertaken at your own risk.


  • In some cases weather, other bookings ahead of you, air traffic control and other circumstances outside of our control can cause delays. Therefore, please allow a minimum of four hours to complete your tandem skydiving.


  • All prices are inclusive of GST. Prices are subject to change without notice.


  • Tandem skydiving is subject to weather conditions and jumps will proceed at the discretion of the drop zone safety officer.


  • Any person weighing 90 kilograms or more who wishes to participate in a tandem skydive is subject to the individual assessment of the instructor and will attract a surcharge.


  • The following surcharges apply by weight:
  • From 90 – 95 kilograms = $20 surcharge
  • From 96 – 100 kilograms = $40 surcharge
  • Over 100 kilograms = $60 surcharge
  • $2 credit card surcharge fee applies


  • Maximum weight of any person who wishes to participate in a tandem skydive is 120 kilograms, subject to conditions.


  • If the height you booked for your tandem skydive cannot be reached on the booking day due to weather, air traffic congestion or other circumstances outside of our control, you will be refunded for the height difference.


  • If your jump is unable to be completed on the booking day due to weather, air traffic congestion or other circumstances outside of our control, your jump will be re-booked on a new date, and will not be refunded.
  • The minimum age recommended for tandem skydiving is 12 years old, where jumpers under 18 years old require the consent of a parent or guardian.


  • There is no maximum age for tandem skydiving. Suitability for tandem skydiving will only be subject to health restrictions, where we may request a doctor’s certificate depending on your health, or if you are over 60 years of age.


  • Please note the arrival time you are given when you book is not your jump time.


  • You are advised to arrive for your jump with no time restrictions on the rest of your day.


  • Every booking requires a $150 non-refundable deposit per person.


  • Your deposit and full payment for your jump are non-refundable.


  • Any monies paid can be transferred to another jump time within 12 months of booking.


  • A running schedule for the instructors and crew is finalised in advance, so any changes to your booking must be made 48 hours in advance. Changes made less than 48 hours before your booking will incur a re-booking fee of $50.


  • Gift vouchers must be redeemed before the expiry date. Extending a gift voucher will incur a fee of $20 for each month the expiry date is extended. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
    Gift vouchers can be refunded within 14 days of purchase, after 14 days a voucher may only be transferred to another person.


We make every effort to ensure optimal video and photographic quality to record your jump. However, recording may be affected by mechanical failure or adverse weather conditions, in which case we will negotiate a partial refund for the video or photographic portion of your booking. A malfunction with video or photographic quality will not result in a refund for the price of your jump.


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